The Valley Sea

If you read The Middle of a Wish, my futuristic novel written 4 years ago, following climate refugees in the mid-21st century, you will come across the Valley Sea.  It’s an imaginary body of water in central California that forms with more severe rain and sea level rise in the future.  

  But apparently, that future is here.  Tulare Lake, once the largest fresh water lake west of the Mississippi, but drained for irrigation and farming more than a century ago, is back.  You can read the history of Tulare Lake on Wikipedia:

  This is the “resurrected Tulare Lake” today.  A few months ago, this land was farmland as far as the eye could see.

How will we cope with changes of this magnitude, that are occurring so much faster than predicted. The climate refugees in The Middle of a Wish create some interesting solutions.

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