Now is the Time to End Fossil Fuels

   Ice Shelf Collapses in East Antarctica

    The New York Times: Scientists say a period of unusual weather, combined with record-low sea ice, led to the disintegration of the Conger ice shelf.  (3/25/22)

    “The Middle of a Wish”, a novel from Lightport Books, imagines the consequences of our current world policies and the future of humans on Earth.

A Fascinating Story

Bicycling with Butterflies, a fascinating book by Sara Dykman, is an account of her 9-month solo bicycle trip following the annual Monarch butterfly migration over 10,000 miles. Especially impressive is her courageous, adventuring spirit, and what an excellent athlete she must be to pedal dozens of miles a day in so many terrains on a bicycle with 70 pounds of equipment strapped to it.  Her many interesting encounters on her journey also amaze.  What may be most impressive and valuable about her book is her eloquence in making the case for respecting the natural world. She articulates things others have said, but with such a simple and profound common sense it’s eye-opening.  “Finding Refuge” and “Hope in the Corn” are just two of the chapters with exceptional gems of wisdom.  This book is both an engaging and a healing read.