Lightport Books’ new release is a novel for our times.

there is THE RENEWAL
In the year 2047, Mom and her daughter, Star, leave their home in Westlands. Traveling with their collective, Caretakers, they join other bands of climate refugees heading inland to a region rumored to have vast wind farms, underground cities, and blockchain banking. Their new guide, Riga, was a hero with the Reformers in the Civil War of 2030. Riga and Star form an intense bond as they journey east and encounter hostile war veterans; cross the newly formed Valley Sea; and then, for those who make it to the other side, a new world.

“Earth is now losing 1.2 trillion tons of ice each year. And it’s going to get worse.” Washington Post 1/25/21
“Going back to normal now means returning to a course that will destabilize the conditions for all human life, everywhere on earth. Normal means more fires, more category 5 hurricanes, more flooding, more drought, millions upon millions more migrants fleeing famine and civil war, more crop failures, more storms, more extinctions, more record-breaking heat. Normal means the increasing likelihood of civil unrest and state collapse, of widespread agricultural failure and collapsing fisheries, of millions of people dying from thirst and hunger, of new diseases, old diseases spreading to new places and the havoc of war. Normal could well mean the end of global civilization as we know it.” Roy Scranton, Director of the Notre Dame Environmental Humanities Initiative, New York Times (1/25/21) “I’ve Said Goodbye to Normal.You Should, Too.”

THE MIDDLE of a WISH takes us to this future and beyond.