There is Still Hope

As reported in the New York Times this morning, it is still possible to prevent 70% of extinctions currently threatening one million plant and animal species on Earth. And it is still possible to keep global temperatures below a rise of 2 degrees Celsius.

How? By restoring 30% of the planet’s farmlands to nature. Rewilding, as some call it, strategic swaths of farmland around the globe will achieve these remarkable results.

As reported in the journal Nature, a European Space Agency map was converted to identify the key swaths of land. The Global Safety Net provides a similar and complementary map representing the areas key to preserving biodiversity and stabilizing the climate.

The rewilding of farmlands could be done while still producing enough food for the human population. How would the farmers be reimbursed for their land? If the trillions of dollars currently used to subsidize fossil fuel industries and unsustainable farming practices were redirected to rewilding farmland, the goal can be achieved

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